دفترچه راهنمای کاربری ونتیلاتور بنت (Puritan Bennett)

فایل دفترچه راهنمای کاربری ونتیلاتور بنت (Puritan Bennett)

تعداد صفحه : 212

زبان : انگلیسی


یوزر منوالی ازرشمند به جهت آشنایی شما عزیزان با دستگاه ونتیلاتور و همچنین تقویت زبان انگلیسی تخصصی خود.

Contents :

Functional description
Symbols and labels

Setting up the ventilator
Connecting and using internal and external batteries
Connecting the electrical supply
Connecting the oxygen supply
Connecting the ventilator breathing circuit
Installing the collector vial
Installing the flex arm
Installing the humidifier
Using the ventilator cart

Getting started
Powering up the ventilator
Selecting ventilator settings
Viewing and changing alarm settings
Entering and exiting standby mode

Self tests (SST and EST)
Short self test (SST)
Extended selftest (EST)

Once ventilation begins
Changing settings: a quick review
Changing settings
Switching between VCV, PCV, and PSV
Changing the mode
Viewing and changing alarm settings: a quick review
Adjusting apnea parameters
Adjusting the apnea interval
Viewing patient data
The 100% O2 and MANUAL INSP keys
The EXP PAUSE and INSP PAUSE keys (760 only)

The MENU key 6.1 More active alarms
Autoreset alarms
Self tests
User settings
Endotracheal tube
Humidifier type
Date and time Set
Apnea interval
VCV flow pattern
Speaking valve setup
Alarm volume
PCV timing setting
Volume LED bar
Oxygen sensor
Standby mode
Battery info
Software revision
Service summary

حتما بخوانید  آشنایی با دستگاه CT Scan - بخش هفتم

Alarm handling
Autoreset alarms
Alarm silence
Alarm reset
Clinical and technical alarms
Power alarm
Loss of AC Power
Loss of Power

Appendix A Maintenance
Cleaning, disinfection, and sterilization
Cleaning: general guidelines
Disinfection and sterilization
Preventive maintenance
Daily or as required:
inspiratory and expiratory bacteria filters
Daily or as required: collector vial
Daily or as required: in-line water traps
As necessary: Oxygen sensor calibration
Every 250 hours (or 1 month of use): cooling fan filter
Every 1000 hours (or 3 months of use): air intake filter
Every 2 years: device checks

Appendix B Part numbers

Appendix C Specifications
Compliance and approvals

Appendix D Breath delivery
A/C mode
SPONT mode
SIMV mode
Breath timing

Appendix E Alarm testing Appendix F Pneumatic schematic Appendix G Glossary

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